Meet Dr. Klifford Kapus

After working in molecular biology, I realized I desired a job which involved more human interaction. Dentistry provided the opportunity to provide health care to others in my immediate community. As I learned more about the individual specialties in dentistry, I discovered that orthodontics would allow me the chance to interact with people in a socially rewarding way that could provide significant benefit to my patients’ quality of life. Because I have an artistic side to complement my love of science, orthodontics is the perfect fit.

I am a lover of nature and the outdoors. My family and I love to travel, and we’ve visited most states in the US, as well as many of our amazing National Parks. I love camping, hiking, nature, and the outdoors in general. Some of my other interests include weightlifting, nutrition, and physical fitness. Having traveled so much, we feel well qualified in saying we’re excited to enjoy such a beautiful part of the country.

Education and professional associations

Through my professional affiliations, I’m able to connect and collaborate with fellow orthodontists and dentists to allow for continued growth and sharing of knowledge, ensuring that we all provide quality care to the patients we serve. I’m proud to be a professional member of the following associations:

Dr. Klifford Kapus creates amazing smiles in these locations