Get ready to love looking in the mirror!

Smile! Or at the very least, get ready to. Because if you’ve been concerned about a less-than-perfect smile caused by less-than-perfectly aligned teeth, there’s good news: Great River Orthodontics can help you with that. It’s what we do. And soon, you’ll be radiating a confident, healthy smile that looks great in a photo, on a first date, at that all-important job interview, or in the reflection of the suddenly happy person you see in the mirror.

Braces are beautiful!

  • Beautiful, confident smiles

    Braces don’t just change your teeth, they change your life! Sure, they close gaps, improve spacing, and even fix oral problems that cause pain. But the real upside is that they make you feel better about you, boosting confidence, raising self-esteem, and making you more comfortable in personal and professional situations.

  • Preventative maintenance

    Here’s another benefit to braces besides your mental health: your dental health. Once properly aligned, your teeth are easier to brush and floss, helping eliminate bacteria, plaque, gum disease, tooth decay and cavities. And who doesn’t want to do that?

  • Improved oral health

    Are you stressing out? You might be, and not even realize it. Improper tooth and bite alignment put unnecessary pressure on the teeth, jawbone, tissues, and nerves in your mouth, which is why you may be experiencing pain, ongoing jaw issues, unexplained headaches, and even tooth wear and chipping. Forget that! Braces are like your own personal superhero, arriving just in time to save the day and improve your overall oral health for a lifetime.

Have you got an hour to invest in a perfect smile?

Timing is everything. So if you’re all in, we’ll schedule your first appointment during your initial consultation. Getting started only takes about an hour. During that time, your expert Great River orthodontist will place your braces and any other necessary appliances. They’ll carefully go over diet, hygiene (so important!), and any special care instructions that apply. We’ll ask you to come back to visit us every eight to ten weeks to continue perfecting that beautiful new smile.

We have convenient office hours and locations and an ongoing approach that makes all of this fun. Sound like a plan?