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Creating smiles is a team sport

How important is your smile to us? So much so that we’ve assembled an expert, specialized group of professionals here at Great River Orthodontics, just for you. We pull together as a team to reach your ultimate goal: a confident, healthy, beautiful smile you’ll enjoy for a lifetime. See? It is all about you! And we also make a promise: to exceed your expectations at every step of the journey while having a lot of fun along the way. So come visit us for a free, no-obligation consultation, and learn more about your options including braces and Invisalign® clear aligners. We’re pretty sure it’ll be a win-win for everyone involved.

Our approach to care

Amazing smiles
is all our doctors do

Our specialized orthodontists live for this stuff! That’s why we look at the big picture, taking a holistic approach to every aspect of your mouth, teeth, gums, and jaw. And our doctors engage in ongoing professional training and education, so we’re always prepared with the latest information on what’s new and what works in orthodontics. But we want you to be part of the big picture, too. So we invite – no, we insist – that you be an active participant in the creation of that big, beautiful smile that fits perfectly on you. Because in the end, your goals are our goals.

  • Traditional braces

Age is just a number. But a smile? That's everything.

We recommend that children have their initial orthodontic evaluation with our team around age seven, to detect any issues that may require early treatment —and we invite them to join our Confidence Counts Club. Learn more

Now’s the ideal and most common time to create a beautiful smile. Why? Because teens between the age of 12 and 16 have the majority of their permanent teeth in place, and it’s easier to discern the best treatment. Learn more

These days, getting braces or Invisalign treatment isn’t just for teenagers. It’s the thing to do regardless of age! Adults not only want to feel confident in day-to-day activities, but they understand a straight, healthy smile is an excellent investment in preventing future problems like gum disease, tooth decay, or excessive enamel wear. Learn more

Calling all kids ages 6 and up

A healthy, confident smile starts with joining the Confidence Counts Club at Great River Orthodontics! Designed for children ages six and up, our kids club is FREE to join and comes with lots of great perks including FREE annual orthodontic exams with a doctor, plus access to super fun activities, events, and educational tools. Schedule your child’s orthodontic evaluation to join today!

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There's a perfect reason for your perfect smile

It’s simple, really. Everyone should have a smile they’re proud of, and here’s how we’ll do that for you. We’ll get to know you, your goals, how you live your life, what you like (and don’t), and perhaps most importantly, what makes you smile. Yes, it gets personal, but that’s how we develop an understanding of who you are and create an amazing relationship so we can give you a personalized smile.

Our consultation is not only no-cost, it’s honest. That’s why we evaluate and explain your future care journey, take the time to provide digital x-rays and a 3D mouth scan (still free), and provide one-on-one time with an orthodontist. You know, it never hurts to talk.

We understand budget, too. We can make your new smile available for $0 down, with 0% interest financing. And if another orthodontic practice offers you a better deal on your treatment plan, we’ll match it. That’s how much we want to create your new confident and healthy smile!