Orthodontics Treatment Walk-Through and Office Visits


The patient and parent(s) will be greeted by one of our Treatment Coordinators who will review the Patient Health History form and take a panorex X-ray. You will then meet with the doctor, who will perform a brief but thorough exam to review the panorex X-ray and help answer some of the most commonly asked questions.

  • Is there evidence and/or probability of an orthodontic problem?
  • Is there anything that should be done at this time to correct or prevent a problem, or is it still too early?
  • If nothing needs to be done right now, what is the likelihood treatment will be needed in the future, and what might that involve? Will any teeth need to be extracted? How long will the treatment take to complete? How much will the treatment cost?
  • In some instances, additional records may be recommended to further study the patient’s case and develop the most comprehensive treatment options. If scheduling allows and it is more convenient for you, these records can be obtained at this initial visit to save an additional trip.
  • Because early orthodontic evaluation is so strongly encouraged, we provide this initial examination, including the panorex X-ray and any additional records, free of charge. In the event, that the time is not right to begin active treatment, we will continue to monitor the patient on a yearly or semi-annual basis.
  • To schedule a complimentary first examination, please visit our Request an Appointment page.


After the doctor has examined the records, he will decide on the best treatment plan for your particular case. During the consultation appointment, the Treatment Coordinator will go over your treatment plan in detail. They will also review the cost of treatment and discuss the several different finance options available.



It’s finally time to get your braces on! What should you expect at this appointment and other routine appointments? This appointment will take roughly an hour and will include a review of diet, hygiene and care for your braces, which is extremely important! With conventional braces, we will be seeing you every 8-10 weeks for routine visits. These visits  will consist of the doctors and staff communicating to you the progress of treatment, what was accomplished at that particular appointment, and give any special instructions to you or your parents.



Only you can keep your teeth straight after your orthodontic treatment! Your teeth will likely move if you don’t wear your retainers. If you choose not to wear your retainers, you must assume responsibility for any tooth movement. If the teeth shift, the only way to recover would be through re-treatment and additional expense.

It is recommended that you wear your retainers on a nightly basis until instructed otherwise. To care for your retainers, you can use a product called Retainer Brite in which you soak your retainers in water and one of the dissolved tablets for 15-20 minutes. Retainer Brite is available at our office at a nominal cost. Another option is to brush the retainers with cool water and a soft bristle toothbrush, this however, may cause a “cloudy” appearance on the retainers. With proper care and use, the average life of your retainer will be about 2 years. If you lose or break a retainer, please call us as soon as possible to get replacements. If you have the molds from when your retainers were originally made, you can drop these off at the front desk of our office. If you do not have the original molds, we will need to schedule an appointment for you to have impressions taken for new retainers. A small fee will be charged for replacement of retainers.

In most cases, about 95% of orthodontic correction is retained. We’ve worked hard together getting to where you are now. Please wear your retainers so that you can keep a beautiful smile and a healthy bite for years to come!