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Dr. Suzanne Grey

Dr. Suzanne Grey

My journey into orthodontics started to evolve when I was six years old and my family migrated to Jamaica from the United States, where my father started his career as a dentist. As a practicing dentist, my father was very adamant that all his children receive orthodontic consultations as soon as our permanent teeth started to erupt. Once I began orthodontic care, one of the things I remember vividly was the two-hour drive we would take each month to Kingston from Mandeville to visit the orthodontist. At the time there was no orthodontist in town and that drive was the only way for me to obtain orthodontic care. Though it was a fun trip, I knew that orthodontic care was a much-needed service and that there were many others in Mandeville that were forced to seek care outside of their jurisdiction because of the lack of orthodontists in the area. It is these memories, coupled with my thirst for knowledge and advanced education, which led me to pursue a specialized degree in orthodontics.


I earned my Bachelor of Science degree in Civil Engineering from Morgan State University and then went to the University of Maryland, School of Dentistry to pursue my dental degree. Whilst in dental school, I pursued a degree in Public Health as well. I then completed my thesis in Jamaica, where I looked at the Quality of Oral Health Services within the Jamaican Public Health System. Throughout dental school I was active in many organizations, serving as President of the United Students of African Descent, President of the American Association of Pediatric Dentistry and Vice President of the Dental Student Government to name a few. I was also afforded the opportunity in my senior year to participate in the Diamond Scholar program at the University of Maryland. Only four senior students from each class are selected into this program based on academics and class rank. During this year, I was able to complete more complex treatment plans and perform complex procedures. I am proud to say I graduated from dental school Magna Cum Laude and was given several awards at graduation including the Delta Dental Leadership Award and the Dean’s Community Service Award.

After graduation, I completed my orthodontic training at Howard University. During my time there I was Chief Corresponding Resident: tasked to coordinate all guest lecturers and correspondences through the department. I was also afforded the opportunity to go to many conferences and gain additional knowledge outside of my residency. This included attending the 3M Aesthetics in Practice conference in Nashville, the TP Ortho conference in Indiana, and the AAO Emerging Leader conference in Miami.

As an orthodontist, I am committed to bringing enthusiasm and dedication to the profession and to the patients I treat. I am passionate about improving the quality of life of my patients, as well as to new clinical research and advancing training in the field of orthodontics. I strongly believe that academia is the foundation for many practitioners and the cornerstone of research, thus I am a strong proponent for advancing both fields.

Professional Affiliations

In addition to working at my own practice, Grey Orthodontics in Mandeville and Kingston, Jamaica, I am:

  • Adjunct professor at the University of Technology, Jamaica
  • I sit on the Dental Auxiliary Advisory committee for the Dental Council of Jamaica
  • President of the Help Jamaica Smile Foundation
  • Recruitment and Retention chair of the Jamaica Association of Public Dental Surgeons
  • I serve as Seminars and Workshop Chair for the committee on the Caribbean Institute for Strategic Planning and Research in Oral Health
  • An active member of the American Association of Orthodontics.

My newest adventure is joining the team at Kristo Orthodontic Specialists where I will be working a couple weeks each month, traveling back-and-forth to my orthodontic practice in Jamaica to continue to treat my patients there as well.  You deserve to have a beautiful, stunning smile that will last a lifetime and I’m dedicated to providing that to all of my patients!